Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Farve beats the Packers

There were tears all over the state of Wisconsin tonight as Brett fulfilled his goal of coming back and absolutely dominating the Packers tonight. The score was only seven points. If you watched the game you know there really was no hope for the Packers in the second half. While I am on the subject of Farve I have a few things to say.
1) I didn't think this would originally work, he is old and doesn't really want to be in the league any more any way. WRONG.
2) He gets the best of both worlds, Peterson and Taylor take every single teams attention away from Farve. Who are you going to plan you defense around? The best running back pair in the league! Or a 40 year old used to be amazing quarterback.... Not even a contest.
3) The teams are going to be so focused Farve can stand back there for days and find his target to sling the ball into whatever gap he wants. He got 7.5 seconds without any pressure tonight on one play!!!
4) No offense to the Jets receivers but they are not even close to the Vikings receivers.
5) I hope some red neck from Wisconsin does not actually try and kill Farve tonight, although I wouldn't rule this out of the question, he definitely pissed a few of his old fans off tonight.

All in all pretty good move by the Vikings so far, and they even managed to not be the main focus in the media this off season, present yes, focus NO!

Side note Peterson may be the best football player in the league and the Packers shut him down tonight, so props to them. Too bad your old gun slinger burned ever single person in your secondary tonight.

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