Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Dear BSU and TCU,

A letter from a slightly bias fan who really doesn't think you have proved much so far this season. Don't worry I am not alone, just expressing the concerns from a very common way of thought.

BSU, your strength of schedule is not as difficult this year as it was last year. Why would you deserve the national championship? The WAC is weaker than it has been in a number of years, and your supposed tough pre-conference schedule has gone out the window with both Virginia Tech and Oregon State struggling so far this year. Well Virginia Tech maybe not struggling but losing to James Madison, still not exactly sure what happened there. Virginia Tech still has the real meat of their schedule to get through and I would be surprised if they don't end up with at least one more loss possibly two. They are however looking more and more like the team everyone thought they would be preseason. Oregon State may have been ranked at some point this season but they have the toughest three game stretch of anyone to end the season. Vs. USC, @Stanford, Vs. Oregon. If they win two of those games they may end up ranked but I honestly don't know if they can. Nevada.... well who did they play before Hawaii? Cal your right, but who really knows what any team besides Stanford or Oregon is going to do from week to week in the Pac-10. Nevada still has to get through four of the top six teams in the WAC, which I have already expressed is not saying much, but teams like Fresno State, La Tech, and Idaho have enough fight to beat you. It is not that we don't think you are a great team everyone knows you are, but when you never get hurt because nobody you play is good and you schedule all your toughest opponents when you have a lot of time to plan for what they are going to do, no one has any faith that you are as good as you are.

On a side note how are you allowed to wear blue uniforms at home? I don't think this advantage helps you on offense much, but as a quarterback trying to throw a crossing route or a dump off to the running back it would be really easy to over look the safety or linebacker. Keep the blue turf, a lot of people like it and it sets you apart, but wear orange at home.

TCU, what have you shown me this year? Nothing lets just leave it at that. Did you even try to go out and find more than one tough team on your schedule or are you just happy with stomping every team in your conference? Which by the way may or may not happen with how strong Utah has turned out to be. How did you get a first place vote over teams like Missouri or Michigan State, who have actually beat people this year. Missouri beat the number one team in the land and is undefeated and you are still ranked higher I have absolutely no idea how this happens when your best win is the aforementioned Oregon State. It is no wonder no one is talking about you as legitimate title contender, you will be lucky if you go undefeated to be in one of the big bowl games this year. I have no faith in you being able to compete with any of the teams there. A win against Utah is just a win against another team who nobody has any idea of how good they really are because they played a very over rated Pitt team in the first game of the season as their toughest game so far.

While as usual you both have good teams, you are going to need two loss teams to even have a shot at a national championship, because right now a one loss Alabama, LSU, Ohio St., Oklahoma, or Wisconsin will most likely out rank you in the computers. Not to mention the four currently undefeated big conference teams.