Friday, July 10, 2009

Le Tour

July is here! my favorite time of year, for one reason the Tour de France! I know what you are thinking it has been going for a week already and this is the first time you are writing anything about it. Yes. The first week of the tour is all flat stages intreguing only if you like to watch the last about 10k to see who wins. In my mind we started today, the first real mountain stage. I have but one thing to say to all Americans who think Armstrong is simply going to walk in and win again. He isn't. Yeah I said it, he isn't going to win unless something changes with Alberto Contador. What none of you have been watching the tour since Armstrong stopped competing. He is the captain of the Astana team. Yes he is on the same team as Armstrong. He is the man Lance was six years ago when there was not a competition as to who was the best. He still hasn't won seven. Your right he has won one. He is younger than Lance and when he turned it on today there was no one, not even the great Armstrong who was going to be able to keep up for more than a couple stages. This kid is the real deal. I'm just giving the American public the heads up. Armstrong can win, he has done things beyond what people thought he could do his entire career, right now at this point in time Contador is the better climber.

On another related note, what are the odds on Astana finishing first second and third? The team is beyond stacked, and has a legitimate possibility of pulling it off. Now that would be the talk of the tour!

Tuesday, July 7, 2009


Anyone who watched the final had two emotions at the end. Relief and sadness. Relief because Roger Federer won his 15th grand slam in possibly one of the greatest matches of all time. Sadness because there had to be a loser. Both athletes fought their hearts out for as long as they could. They went as hard as they could for the longest match in the and championship final. Federer was sensational with his calm collected usual self. Pulling off the big shots when he needed to. One thing many people will look to is the second set tiebreaker. Roddick fell apart for six points. These six points cost Roddick the match. I personally am a huge fan of both players. They are both good guys and good in the media. Roddick charismatic funny and sarcastic. Federer quiet reserved and confident.

The extent of Roddick charisma is outlined by the cheer he received upon beating Murray, the hope of a nation. The dejected look on Andy's face when the match was over let you know how much he cared about getting a Wimbledon trophy. I am going to say this now, don't be surprised if Roddick WINS yes wins the US Open. He has shown he was fit, he has shown that he now has a dangerous backhand. The serve is always tough and he now believes he can win. This change in a mental attitude has made possibly the largest difference out of any of the changes. Watch out there may yet be a couple more wins in the making for Andy Roddick.

Now on to the star of the show; Roger Federer. What is there to say about this guy? He is simply the best to ever play the game. This man has been able to set himself apart from every other tennis player, not just with winning the 15th although that secured it. He leads nearly every significant category for a tennis player. He is still young, I wouldn't be surprised if he managed to put the record completely out of site. I'm saying around 18 or 19. Yes Nadal could come back and take a few away from him, but he has been in 21 straight major quarter finals. The consistency with which he gets deep into the tournaments allows him more opportunities than any other player to win the big tournaments. Congrats Roger! Good luck!

Friday, July 3, 2009


This year has provided an extremely active trade season in the NBA. We will start with a few of the blockbuster trades so far this off season.
-Shaq to Cleaveland- this is a good move for Cleveland. I would not give this move any more commitment than that until I am able to see how Shaq does next season. He will be playing a different role as a "bodyguard" this next season. For once he is not the biggest personality of his team. It will be interesting to see him a this role. One thing Shaq will not disrupt is the amount of fun the Cavilers have, with both him and LeBron pulling jokes and having fun with the rest of the team. The Cavs will have a relaxed air about them no team is going to match. My question is what happens to Ilgauskas? Clearly not the same defender or presence inside Shaq is. How will he handle coming off the bench. I am assuming of course he will play behind Shaq.
-Artest to L.A.- The best move of any team in the draft or trade this off season. As far as money on an investment you are getting a brusing deffender and one of the more intimidating people on the basketball court in the current game, and only giving up a good defender who was a decent spot shooter. Now Artest is intimidating if for nothing else other than the fact he is crazy and has the tendency to fly off the handle. If nothing else Kobe isn't going to have to wear himself out both mentally and physically having to deal with him on the opposing team. Now is he going to behave himself. Under the direction of Kobe and the Zen Master I don't think there will be too much of a problem with his attitude. Watch out rest of the league L.A. just got even better than they were.
-Villaneuva and Gordon to Detroit- I think every one is realizing how important Billups was to that team and how with out him the rest of the players are not going to be able to perform at the same level. These two players are not going to replace Billups at all, and they move away from the typical tough defence Detroit usually plays. Bad move in my opinion for the Pistons, and will only move them further down the list in the East.
These are only the big trades so far and there is talk of more and more big names on the move. We will see if Boston or Portland are able to land their big players in the next couple of days. One thing is for sure, with the amount of action other teams are making so far if you don't make a couple of big trades you are going to be in trouble next year.