Sunday, October 11, 2009

The Presidents Cup

Once again the U.S. dominates in the presidents cup! While we have had some trouble with the Ryder Cup, our Presidents Cup dominance has continued. Tiger had a perfect tournament, but the supporting cast was also on fire! Steve Stricker went 4-1-0 granted he played with Tiger, but still, great to see the number two player in the money list put in such a good showing for this tournament was exciting to watch. Phil Mickelson played well not losing a single match and winning four times. Anthony Kim played to his potential losing only one match during the play. All in all people are going to say Tiger won the tournament for us, when I am trying to point out the fact that everyone one the team contributed!

Vijay was the only person on the international team who didn't give up a full point in a match, his supporting cast however was not near the strenght Woods had behind him. Those who won a couple of matches seemed also to lose just as many with out being able to scrape draws in matches they couldn't win.

I will take just one shot on any person who played in the tournament, because I can't beat any of them on my best day vs. thier worst; What the heck happened to Villegas this weekend, didn't win a single thing!

Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Oh College Football!

For those of you who don't know. I currently go to the University of Idaho, I have grown up on the west coast and have a bit of a west coast bias. Therefore read this part of the blog with a grain of salt.

USC- one of the best teams every year who loses one bad game every year. If they had been able to hold it together for one game every year they would have been playing in the national championship game. I personally feel that minus last year this the absolute best football conference from the top to the bottom. All the way through, not just the top 5 or top half every team in the conference is a tough game. Well minus WSU the last couple years, but that school in the past has had a great football tradition.

Florida- The best team in the nation, not a question in my mind, they don't have Tebow, but to be honest they have so much talent on that team they really don't need him. If you try to tell me the back up quarterback at that program is untried and doesn't know what he is doing, I'm going to tell you to wake up! A school with the recruiting power of Florida in Tebow's last season is going to have some stud waiting to come in and play. No there probably isn't going to be another player like Tebow for a while, but most starting quarterbacks in the NCAA could win with the assets Florida has.

Standford- Has anyone noticed that Stanford has quietly got off to a very good start and is tied with Oregon for leading the Pac-10. Now they have lost to the only ranked team they have played but they are not going to be someone to walk over this year either. On the same note Oregon has got a lot of bad press about the Blount, but they have beat a lot of good teams so far this year. This is one of the strongest programs every year, but they just can't put it together for the entire season. They have both USC and Oregon State at home, which is a brutal place to play. I would keep a look out for this team later in the season. USC vs. Oregon is going to be one of the few games I will watch from start to finish regardless of the score.

Cincinnati- This is one team I watch and wonder how people aren't pumped up about what this team can do. The offense is obviously the strong point of this team, but I have seen the defense put up a number of good stands so far. They are going to have their toughest test of the season coming up but if they get though South Florida this team could go undefeated. I would vote for Pike in the Heisman right now, or at least consider him. (look at the numbers)

To conclude this post I have to throw in a personal note. The University of Idaho one of the perennial bottom 10 team over the last 15 years, is currently ranked number 50! Akey is loved by the crowd here. During the last game when it was locked up the crowd was chanting not a player's last name but "Akey's Army!" if we can get him to stick around I like the way the program is moving! Not saying we are going to be beating Boise State any time real soon, but we are definitely taking steps in the right direction.

Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Farve beats the Packers

There were tears all over the state of Wisconsin tonight as Brett fulfilled his goal of coming back and absolutely dominating the Packers tonight. The score was only seven points. If you watched the game you know there really was no hope for the Packers in the second half. While I am on the subject of Farve I have a few things to say.
1) I didn't think this would originally work, he is old and doesn't really want to be in the league any more any way. WRONG.
2) He gets the best of both worlds, Peterson and Taylor take every single teams attention away from Farve. Who are you going to plan you defense around? The best running back pair in the league! Or a 40 year old used to be amazing quarterback.... Not even a contest.
3) The teams are going to be so focused Farve can stand back there for days and find his target to sling the ball into whatever gap he wants. He got 7.5 seconds without any pressure tonight on one play!!!
4) No offense to the Jets receivers but they are not even close to the Vikings receivers.
5) I hope some red neck from Wisconsin does not actually try and kill Farve tonight, although I wouldn't rule this out of the question, he definitely pissed a few of his old fans off tonight.

All in all pretty good move by the Vikings so far, and they even managed to not be the main focus in the media this off season, present yes, focus NO!

Side note Peterson may be the best football player in the league and the Packers shut him down tonight, so props to them. Too bad your old gun slinger burned ever single person in your secondary tonight.