Sunday, October 11, 2009

The Presidents Cup

Once again the U.S. dominates in the presidents cup! While we have had some trouble with the Ryder Cup, our Presidents Cup dominance has continued. Tiger had a perfect tournament, but the supporting cast was also on fire! Steve Stricker went 4-1-0 granted he played with Tiger, but still, great to see the number two player in the money list put in such a good showing for this tournament was exciting to watch. Phil Mickelson played well not losing a single match and winning four times. Anthony Kim played to his potential losing only one match during the play. All in all people are going to say Tiger won the tournament for us, when I am trying to point out the fact that everyone one the team contributed!

Vijay was the only person on the international team who didn't give up a full point in a match, his supporting cast however was not near the strenght Woods had behind him. Those who won a couple of matches seemed also to lose just as many with out being able to scrape draws in matches they couldn't win.

I will take just one shot on any person who played in the tournament, because I can't beat any of them on my best day vs. thier worst; What the heck happened to Villegas this weekend, didn't win a single thing!

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