Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Who is the best team in the NFL?

Well right now there is no question to many people who is the best team in the NFL.
They have the very best offense in the NFL. Forget stats forget the numbers the Saints are putting up. The colts have the best offense. They score when they need to and they have a different gear, you can shut them down for every drive (minus the first which they score on a ridiculous rate) but once it becomes crunch time at the end of the half or game you will not stop them. The only thing that will stop them is themselves. Their defense is performing as well as they need to, they have been getting key stops towards the end of games. The way they are playing I don't know if they know how to lose anymore, and when their next one will come most likely depends on how much their starters play in the next couple weeks.
Before this week many people thought the Saints were able to compete. I am not arguing that their offense is not good, my problem with saying they are the best team in the NFL is their defense. There are not many team catagories in which they rank in even the top half of the NFL. This poses a huge problem when you look at who has won the last number of Super Bowls.
Steelers, Giants, Colts (whose defense shut people down in the playoffs for once), Steelers, Pats, Pats, Bucs! proves my point right there, but we will continue, Pats, and the RAVENS!!!! Before that was the Rams, and they are about the only team with out a shut down defense ever to win.
The Vikings.... oh boy do people love to talk about Farve! I don't really understand why yes, he lets you know how he is feeling, interacts well with the crowd, and has funny touchdown celebrations, but other than that? To be honest i am tired of talking about him. I do have one thing to say about the reports that he has been checking off running plays..... I have news for you Farve, you are playing with the very best offensive player in the NFL they are going to load the box on you! His nickname is All Day for a reason, hand the ball off to him and eventually he will beat the living snot out of the defense until they give up a big run. You are taking a pounding from defenses because you won't do your job! Yeah you are tough, that isn't going to get you anywhere, hand the ball off. In fact I don't care if Peterson isn't in the game hand it off to Taylor who would start on any team right now besides the Titans, 49ers, and his own. If the Vikings can do as well as they did with Jackson in the game, they really don't need you to try and win every time, let the two guys behind you do what they do. Your old and the only reason you have all the records you do is because you have played so many games, please go away!
If there is a team that people need to be talking about besides these three it is easily the Chargers, watch out they have flown under the radar until now, but they are the second hottest team in football, and have a knack for beating the Colts.

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