Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Bowl Season

Well the games have started, and I have been disappointed. First let me begin by letting you know that I have been in many heated discussions which people about which conference is the best. Well I was wrong, for all of you who I argued with the conferences I argued for have done terribly, and the ones I argued against have done well. Why is the Pac10 look so uninterested in every game they play. Do they really think that since their regular season was so difficult these other teams are not going to try to come out and prove how good they were all season by beating you? Or are you all so disappointed that you didn't take advantage of the fact USC had their fist bad year in anyone's memory to get to the Rose Bowl. Let me just tell you now, that window probably isn't going to be open next year. The offense was young, the defense was even younger, get ready for some experience to be there next year. Taylor Mays can't make every single play for the team.The Mountain West conference is looking tough as usual and I still don't understand why teams don't give this conference more respect they are easily the best total conference outside the BCS every year. Yes BSU is the best team every year outside the BCS but they are simply one team and the competition for much of their regular season is in one word terrible. Now for all of you TCU fans who just reacted to that last sentence they have been the most consistently ranked team outside the BCS for the past 5 or 6 years. Yes you beat them last year, and have a great chance at doing it again, but they have done this over a couple of different recruiting classes, you have not been at the top that long... yet. I think you have a great chance at staying up there after the recognition over the last few years, but lets be perfectly honest, there are too many really good programs with in your own state to compete with.
P.S. I will not talk about the selections for the major bowl games selection because I am tired of that whole conversation.

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