Thursday, February 23, 2012

Been a While

So a lot has changed in the world of sports since my last post. Being that I just got the app to blog on my phone there should not be too long between posts coming up. Let's get back to sports.

How about that guy Novak Djokovic took the tennis world by storm and I for one was rooting for him the whole way. I have no idea why but Nadal rubs me the wrong way. Which is strange because being a lefty there are not many other lefties I root against.

It was an entertaining Tour de France I am not going to lie I was happy to see Contador struggle a little after taking shots at Lance Armstrong. Cadel Evans was the man this year in the race and earned and deserved the win.

Basketball is at its peak right now an I for one have been on the Linsanity ban wagon since the Lakers game. Love watching that kid play!

I will talk about college basketball at length in a future posts.

Feels good to get the posts going again. Next posts will include the usual visual accompaniment.

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