Saturday, November 7, 2009

Coach of the Year?

I was recently on the Coach of the year voting website to as you can probably guess based on my allegiance and the school I attend to vote for Rob Akey who it is tough to argue with as doing great job this season. Even if the schedule hasn't been very difficult we have taken a huge first step, and I know Akey winning would give University of Idaho some national attention, which would great for our program.

The current standings are as follows:
1) Nick Saben- Alabama
2) Mack Brown- Texas
3) Kirk Ferentz- Iowa
4) Paul Johnson- Georgia Tech
5) Paul Rhoads- Iowa State
6) Rich Rodriguez- Michigan
7) Rob Akey- Idaho
8) Pete Carroll- Southern California
9) Brian Kelly- Cincinnati
10) Mike Leach- Texas Tech
11) Joe Paterno- Penn State
12) Steve Starkisian- Washington
13) Glen Chizik- Auburn
14) Randy Shannon- Miami (Florida)
15) Mark Richt- Georgia

Now bearing in mind my opinion may have a slight amount of bias in it, I for the most part agree with these rankings. Saben and Brown currently have undefeated teams, impossible to argue they aren't doing two of the best jobs in all of college football. However if that is what this voting is going to be based on, where is Urban Meyer? Are we seriously going to give all the credit to Tebow. I absolutely hate Florida for their domination within college football recently, but I would say you have to put to head man in Florida on this list.

How in the world did Paul Rhoads get on this list his team has four losses, and really isn't going any place spectacular. What happened here? Also I think it is great the state of Michigan is supporting their head guy, but you are still only 5-5, for the history behind your program this is really still a disgraceful season, and with the talent on your team not one of the top coaching jobs in America. Pete Carroll that high? Now I know he has shaped this program into a perennial power, but we can't give him a pass on this season, just because of the building of the program he has done. Freshman quarterback okay, we will give him some room because of that small feature. In my opinion he has not done a great job this season though.

How about some coaches that have been left of this list that should at least be mentioned? Since we just mentioned Pete Carroll, what about Chip Kelly, they guy who just absolutely thrashed Carroll's team last week, only loss to Boise State who is looking pretty tough so far.

I will have more to say on this topic as we get closer and closer to the end of the season.

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